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From a passion to a profession

Our history

The brand LIQUORI DELL’ALCHIMISTA was born in the year 2015 in Belpasso town on the slopes of Etna, from the passion of a young Pharmacy student for the art of liqueur making, who after customizing and meticulously refining ancient recipes managed to give an unmistakable taste to his products.
The name LIQUORI DELL’ALCHIMISTA was chosen both because the Alchemists are the forerunners of chemists and pharmacists, but also because as legends tell, the Alchemists turned all metals into gold, which philosophically being gold the perfect metal because of its electronic configuration, means the pursuit of perfection. So by analogy, with our name we are signifying the search for the right balance between the quality of ingredients and their processing, all presented with elegant and attractive packaging, to have the best liqueurs as the end result.

In fact, our products are prepared with the highest quality ingredients, adopting slow infusion to ensure a perfect balance between the fragrance and flavor of the final product. Processing is totally manual from preparation of the infusions to filtration to bottling and labeling.
Our products can be consumed either as an after-meal or as an ingredient for delicious cocktails.

They are distributed in the HO.RE.CA sector: restaurants, pubs, cocktails bars, hotels, catering.

They can be purchased in wine stores, local produce stores or directly from our online shop.

Our mission is to make the highest quality products to ensure the best sensory experience for consumers of our liquors, hence our slogan: An experience of pleasure! , with the goal of working by creating a synergistic relationship with our business clients, trying to meet our partners with direct marketing actions, many times tailor-made, from in-house events to tools to facilitate their internal work.

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