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liquori dell' alchimista

The Alchemist Liqueurs are born in Belpasso, a town on the slopes of Etna, from the passion of a young Pharmacy student for the art of liqueur making who, after having personalized and meticulously refined the ancient recipes, managed to give a unique and unmistakable taste to its products

Un' arte viva da secoli

A slow maceration process and a long and laborious process allow the best raw materials, natural and rigorously selected, to preserve the inimitable flavor of the ancient liqueur recipes.

A living art for centuries

A centuries-old art that lives again through the Alchemist's Liqueurs, whose products tell a story of unmistakable aromas and inimitable flavors, stemming from a passion for simplicity and tradition.

Lots of Events & News

All Alchemist's Liquor news, find out about events we will be attending and special promotions reserved for our retailers. Stay in touch with us for all the news!

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All the cocktails you can make with our spirits, made by our clients' best Bartenders!

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