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liquori dell' alchimista

The Alchemist Liqueurs are born in Belpasso, a town on the slopes of Etna, from the passion of a young Pharmacy student for the art of liqueur making who, after having personalized and meticulously refined the ancient recipes, managed to give a unique and unmistakable taste to its products.


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Liquor made from an infusion of four particular herbs of which anise predominates, a digestive with a fresh, sweet and delicate taste.


Cinnamon and Vanilla infused liqueur, a digestive with a slightly spicy taste made delicate by the presence of vanilla.


Liqueur made from an infusion of licorice. An excellent digestive with a slightly bitter taste, ideal for serving after meals.


Prickly Pear infused liqueur with a particularly delicate taste. It should be drunk either to accompany a dessert or after a meal.


Liquor made from an infusion of Pistachio, with a strong taste. It should be drunk to accompany a dessert or as a companion liqueur.


Herb-infused liqueur, digestive with a robust taste that is not too bitter. Excellent after a meal for its digestive properties.


Delightful branded package with distinctive design in Sicilian majolica style. Ideal for a special gift.

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